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Be Who You Are

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As you may have seen on my ‘ABOUT PAIGE’ I used to write poems non-stop & combine them with photography to make greeting cards for friends & family. From time to time, I still do (I’ll share my ‘dimpledxpressions’ cards with you another time!) Writing has always been therapeutic for me whether journaling, writing poems, or collecting quotes from other writers. I used to be super embarrassed about my poems.. I mean, whoever really wanted to write poetry in english class? It was always the “lame” assignment. I’ve learned, however, that it’s a form of expression & most of the time people are too afraid to express themselves. For the past 3 years I have shared this particular poem with young elementary aged girls at Summer Bliss Yoga Camp at Yoga EastΒ yoga studio. This past summer, some of them even started to recite it with me!

It’s a fun, simple poem of pure happiness because happiness is really so simple when we get right down to it. I hope you find some joy in it too!

Be Who You Are

.. I guess I was all over the ombre trend in 2010 before it even became a thing? Ha.

My Monday has lead me to the start of a great week & I hope yours is headed in the same direction!

CHEERS to surviving Monday! Have a great night!


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