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10 Tips for Inspiration

Wednesday calls for an extra dose of inspiration to get us through the remainder of the week! Whenever I’m in a drab mood, I try (as much as I can) to snap out of it and remind myself not to take life so seriously. It’s all just one big game, you win some, you lose some and that’s totally okay. Of course it’s natural to feel moody from time to time, but when you feel the need to crawl out of that sour place look to the tips below.

Hakuna Matata

Get Outside – It’s amazing what fresh air can do! I worked all day inside yesterday without a cracked window and didn’t head out during my lunch break due to all the rainy weather. By the time 5:30pm rolled around, I was absolute toast! Leaving the windows cracked on the way home really made a huge difference.

Make a Gratitude List – Writing things down is a powerful tool. Think of 3-5 things you are grateful for, maybe something that happened today, maybe something you’re looking forward to, or a certain someone who has recently helped you out. Maybe you’re even grateful for dark chocolate? I sure am! Through positive thinking, you can’t help but lift your mood.

Have a Heart to Heart – Nothing beats a meaningful conversation. I was on Skype for 3 hours on Saturday catching up with a dear friend in Germany. First of all, how cool is that? And secondly, laughing, sharing, understanding, and listening left me with the happiest heart when I hung up. You never know what inspiration may come of it either – I suggested that my friend roll out of bed onto her Pilates mat in the morning instead of fitting it in after school. On Monday she felt inspired to do so and was so happy she did!

Move – Even when you’re so cranky and so tired! Tell yourself that if you don’t feel better after 10 minutes of exercising, you’ll stop. I can guarantee that after the 10 minute period is over, you won’t be ready to stop! Release those endorphins and push any unwanted frustration out in your workout.

Read Inspiring Quotes – Sometimes we need inspiration from outside sources. In this case, head to Pinterest. Maya Angelou is one wise woman! After reading this quote, I immediately snapped out of it!

Maya Angelou Quote

Treat Yourself – Make a mid-week dinner reservation with a friend or have a spontaneous date night. J and I headed out a couple Wednesdays ago for dinner and pumpkin beer instead of the humdrum of recipe, cooking, dishes… We couldn’t have felt more refreshed after treating ourselves to a night out of routine!

Help Somebody – Nothing makes me feel better than knowing I made somebody’s day better. Making someone else feel good will automatically make you feel great in return!

Try a New Recipe – Cooking inspires me! Did you recently pin a healthy dish? Of course you did 😉 It’s time to make it! You’ll be preoccupied with cooking that you won’t have time to think sour thoughts. Better yet, you’ll have a delicious accomplishment at the end!

Sing – Okay, you don’t have to sing, but at least listen to music! Not just any music either…happy music. Listening to sad music when you’re feeling less than inspired isn’t going to get you anywhere. Blast some happy tunes in your apartment or play some calming music through your headphones at work. You’ll be tapping your toes in no time.

Breathe – Trust yourself. If you’re doing the best you can right now, that’s all that matters!



  • Who else is watching The Voice and thinks Pharrell is the cutest human ever?

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The Technology Toss-Up

Hello! I’m working on building consistency throughout this blog with regular posts & ongoing inspiration. I think about it ALL the time, but thinking is different than writing or doing. I named this post ‘the technology toss-up’ because I’m having a hard time being on the computer all day at work. Now that I have had a full-time job for two months, I can’t possibly stand being on the computer in the evenings. Right now, typing here is the last thing I feel like doing.. But I really want to dedicate free time to this blog & I want to build it into something greater. So, I’m fully aware of the inconsistency so far, but I’m working on turning that around!

Have you seen this video floating around Facebook?

I stumbled upon it just a few nights ago, & really connected to what it was all about. Go watch it before reading the rest of this post if you want! It’s really so sad to realize that we are surrounded by technology literally all day, every minute, & it’s very hard to escape. When does it stop? How do we separate ourselves from it?

I’ve become aware of myself, someone who has always noticed & been against this obsession with technology, become consumed by it at times. I hate that! Between Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, news sites, email.. the list goes on & on. I’m currently trying to break the habit of crawling into bed with my cell phone. Seriously, our alarms are now on our phones. I’ll go to set the alarm & next thing I know a half hour has gone by when I could have been sleeping or resting with my mind at ease. I’m all for pictures & documenting precious moments, beautiful meals, nature, but do we have to immediately post our photos to social media? No. We really don’t. It’s almost as if our brains have become wired for immediate satisfaction, gratification, & connection. We need that ‘like’ right way. WHO CARES! Do you really care who likes your picture? That pictures holds a memory for YOU, not your Facebook ‘friend.’

Tonight my two best friends were both in the area & we went out to dinner together for the first time in a very long time. Not one of us had our phone out on the table or even on volume. Our phones were silently tucked away in our purses. Did we take a picture? No! We didn’t have to. We enjoyed each other’s company and food for no one else but ourselves. We did, however, look at the table across from us as a mother and her two high school aged sons physically sat together, but couldn’t be mentally farther apart. All three of them were on their smart phones the whole entire time. We really couldn’t help but notice! We felt so sorry that the mother couldn’t connect with her children & we felt so sorry that the children couldn’t even part from their phones to have a conversation with their mom. The whole situation was wrong & ridiculous.

There’s more world to see & explore through our own eyes, for ourselves. Notice your own poor technology habits, make a change. I dare you! Let’s work on it together.

How has the technology obsession affected you? What poor tech habits are you ready to break?


CHEERS to LOOKING UP at the world, not looking down at our phones!

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So You Want to Love Your Body?

To all the ladies out there –

Bathing suit season is creeping right up & every magazine on the stands is constantly reminding us to get a “bikini body,” whatever that means. I read a really inspiring blog post this morning & immediately wanted to post here, so I could share this with as many people as possible. Do you have any friends on instagram or follow any fitness accounts that constantly post pictures of their abs? I sure do. Do I use instagram to check out other peoples’ abs? Absolutely not.

Meg at A Dash of Meg is tired of it, too! Cheers to her for being so honest, open, & vulnerable letting all of her feelings out on body image. I could definitely relate to what she was saying & in some aspects, I’m sure everyone can. She decided to share these feelings after hearing about Molly Galbraith’s Love Your Body Challenge. NO, this isn’t a fitness challenge! NO, this isn’t a detox!

It’s about switching the focus to our capabilities & strengths, not our appearances. Molly is already on Day 3 of the challenge, but it’s not too late to jump in. Here is day 1 of the challenge: “Cellulite, Stretch Marks, & a Love Your Body Challenge” Are you hooked yet? See what fitness gurus, pros, & models are self-concious about. See if you can relate to them. What you find might surprise you, I certainly was.

I’m going to get my journal & hop in this challenge! 28 days isn’t forever & I’ve got nothing to lose & everything to gain. Join me!! Maybe by the end of March we’ll have a whole new perspective.

Happy TGIF 🙂

CHEERS to loving yourself inside & out.

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When Do You Feel Most Beautiful?

Hello, Monday.

I want to kick off this week of National Eating Disorders Awareness with a beautiful video I found on Huffington Post. The video includes women only, but we can’t ignore that many men are out there struggling as well. From media, movies, magazines, billboards, advertisements & more, we feel pressure to look a certain way. I know we have ALL felt it, at least at one time. There’s way too much comparison, whether we’re looking at magazines, or simply looking around the room. Is this not really, really silly? We measure how we look, but do we measure how we feel? That’s what’s most important & that’s exactly why this video is so inspiring.

As for me, I feel most beautiful when I’m with the people I love the most, the people that bring out my own best person. I feel most beautiful when I’m running down the beach, lying on the grass in the sun, & surprising somebody I love. There are so many ways to feel beautiful that don’t involve looking in a mirror. 

Watch the video below, you may want to rethink your morning routine!

CHEERS to you!! YES, you! Because you’re beautiful!

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20 Something Tips: Let Go, Add Happiness

Nothing like advice on ‘how to live’ after you’ve survived your Monday morning 😉 Every once in a while, I like to browse inspiration lists about letting go, stepping forward, adding happiness, etc. These lists spark wisdom, motivation, & maybe even a little clarity within me. It helps to reflect upon myself, while creating a healthy compare & contrast to see where I’m currently at & where I want to go. It’s always great to hear from someone older, or anyone at all, to see where they have made mistakes in hopes that we avoid them. However, at the same time, we all have our own unique story. Sometimes the worst mistakes end up carving out the best path. So, instead of taking each piece of advice to heart, I like to take bits & pieces to relate to the way my life is going right now. There’s both comfort, relief & humor when you can relate to someone else, knowing you aren’t the only one thinking or feeling this way! Hopefully the ideas below help you to move forward or at least help you start your week with a clear, more peaceful mind.

Best Advice in 3 Words

25 Things You’ll (eventually) Want to Tell Your Younger Self

8 Things Not to Stress About

Time to get deep! Much of the lists above tell us that we worry too much about things out of our control, we care what others think about us, & we don’t always believe in ourselves. I’m a firm believer in letting go. Unfortunately, that doesn’t make me an expert. I’m continuously working on it & recently became a fan of this particular mental exercise. This may not fly with some of you, but I loved it & 100% trust that it works. Gather some scraps of paper & jot down whatever negativity, doubt, or thought that you have reoccurring in your mind. Get creative, this can be anything. The only key is that you must be ready to let it go. Then, take these scraps & head to your fireplace ASAP. Throw one in at a time & watch it burn away into nothing. Watch it physically disappear & feel it mentally disappear. If this seems too much for you, I’ve also heard ripping up the scraps & throwing them away works just as great. Bye-bye useless thoughts! Honestly, I’ve been much more positive after doing this. Whenever the negativity tries to seep in, I immediately do my best to shut it off. Of course this is all a work in progress, but I no longer allow doubt, fear, or unhealthy comparison within my mind.

Letting Go

Have you ever tried exercises similar to this? I’d love to hear about them!

What are your tried & true tips for letting go?

CHEERS to a fresh, new week!

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The Real Reason We Are Here

“There are things you do because they feel right & they may make no sense & they may make no money & it may be the real reason we are here: to love each other & to eat each other’s cooking & say it was good.” – Brian Andreas

What does the good life mean to you? What is the good life anyway?

We all woke up this morning in such comfy beds that we didn’t even want to get up, right? We went downstairs & brewed some delicious hot coffee that we could taste & smell. We either started our days working out, with bodies that powered us all the way through. Or took hot showers & opened our closets to choose from 100 different outfits & pairs of shoes. We may have kissed someone good morning, or wished someone a great day. Or we will be doing so shortly when we arrive to work after traveling in our heated, cozy cars.

For me, the good life is all about the little things. I used to simply embrace this way of thinking when I was feeling inspired or extra grateful, but then I would get caught up in thoughts of careers, money, what other people were doing, what I should be doing, & forget all about it. It took much effort, thought, reflection, & a good ol’ heart to heart at the beginning of this year to permanently adopt & truly believe that the littlest things are the most amazing & abundant parts of life.

As for me, the good life is actually the AMAZING life because good just doesn’t cut it .. some immediate thoughts come to mind..

  • Giving love
  • Being loved
  • Making someone smile
  • Sharing laughter
  • Hearing laughter
  • Having arms to hug, having lips to kiss
  • Connecting with others, no matter if we have lots in common or not
  • Using my legs for long runs, short runs, & runs that I don’t even want to go on
  • Dancing carelessly in the kitchen
  • Singing loudly in the car
  • Smelling fresh baked cookies in the oven, healthified or not 😉
  • Feeling supported no matter what I choose & supporting others for whatever they choose
  • Owning the independence to make my own choices
  • Finding what makes me happy & repeatedly doing it
  • Following my intentions
  • Knowing I made someone else’s day, week, month, year better just by being me
  • Celebrating life every day

Below is a video made by Jonathan Fields who started the “Good Life Project.” He asked, “what is the good life?” to 29 people & received a mind-blowing 29 completely different answers. Take 4 minutes of your day to sit back, hit play, & feel so inspired. Your Monday will thank you for it!

So, what does the good life mean to you? Whatever it means..

I’ll CHEERS to it!

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Ted Talk & a MUST read: “The Defining Decade”

“Forget about having an identity crisis & get some identity capital. … Do something that adds value to who you are. Do something that’s an investment in who you might want to be next.” – Meg Jay, PhD

Last Spring I discovered the amazing Ted Talk by clinical psychologist Meg Jay, “Why 30 is not the New 20.” This video is an eye-opening explanation to why your 20’s matter & highlights the consequences that follow when you treat your 20’s as a throwaway decade. For someone who currently feels like ages 23 & 24 are quarter-life crisis years, I was thrilled to hear proven facts along with tried & true stories from others my same age. I wanted even more, so I purchased her book titled The Defining Decade: Why your twenties matter & how to make the most of them now. It’s an easy 200 pages featuring relatable material on work, love, & forward thinking with experiences from REAL people.

If you’ve ever questioned where you currently stand as a post-graduate, wondered if you ‘should be’ traveling the world right now like all of your  ‘friends’ on Facebook, or felt overwhelmed by the many different directions to choose from, then this is THE BOOK (& video) for you .. From my take as a twenty-something, there’s no way you can’t relate even in the slightest to 1 of the 3 options above.

Take 15 minutes out of your day today to enjoy this inspiring wake-up call, you deserve it!

What was most relatable to your life? I suggest buying her book ASAP – I got mine on Amazon for a price comparable to a delicious glass of wine!

CHEERS to being a twenty-something? 😉