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Fit Link Friday [1.24]

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Friiiiiiiiiidaaaaay!! Starting my morning off with coffee, Sara Bareilles’s “Brave,” & gathering my final health & fitness articles that make me go hmm. I hope everyone has some fun weekend plans! I’ll be working tonight, but once I get out I’ve got a date with MYSELF. No really, I’m that excited! Time for painting, writing, & tons of music.

Fit Link Friday continues below with my favorite articles from this week!

1. Best Spices to Boost Metabolism + Recipes

Let’s burn some fat & rev up our metabolism, huh! It’s as easy as incorporating these spices into your diet, your body will take care of the rest. FitSugar lists off ginger, cinnamon, cayenne, & turmeric, what they do for you & what to do with them, offering a few metabolism-boosting recipes.

2. 35 Cardio-Based Bodyweight Exercises

If you haven’t visited Greatist.com yet, go right now! I especially love this article since it’s winter & sometimes in New England we are just too afraid to go outside.. am I wrong? It’s only 3 degrees!! Use this list as a guide to create your own living room workout, no equipment needed, just you & your body. There’s no room for intimidation either, stick with more basic moves if you’re a beginner & slowly explore the more advanced moves when you’re ready.

3. 10 Ways to Invest in Yourself

Start investing today, you deserve it! Huff Post Healthy Living always has something that makes me feel great about myself. I found this list empowering & full of truthful reminders we will occasionally need throughout our whole lives. I’m doing what I love, through writing this blog. I‘m creating a bigger version of myself, through choosing to be unstoppable in 2014. I’m multiplying my riches, through finding inspiration in each day. In what ways does this list currently tug at you?

4. 5 Fun 5Ks You’ve Never Heard of Before

This is too fun not to post! While I’ve covered my rounds from a 5K to a half marathon, I’ve never ran through a rave, wore a prom dress to a race, or hit the slip n’ slide pre-finish line. Health Magazine proves that exercise is anything but boring, get your girlfriends together & sign up now!

5. Clean Eating Crash Course

Fitness magazine wants you to know how easy it is to eat clean! This slideshow offers a quick crash course in processed vs. unprocessed foods, how to shop clean, cook clean, & of course, eat clean. Fuel that powerful body of yours correctly to thank it for all the amazing things it does for you!

On that note, I just got home from my new obsession – Barre class! My tummy is telling me it’s time for lunch, so I’m off to heat up some lentil curry.

CHEERS to fun this weekend!


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