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Monday Mantra 3

Monday has struck again! I hope you had a fun and relaxing weekend. Yesterday I went to an arm balance and inversion yoga class. I was in awe of the instructor, her back muscles, and the way she balanced with such grace. Yoga sure does take a lot of practice. I love headstands, but arm balances are a whole new world to me. I didn’t know what to expect when I walked into the class, but I left with sore arms and new challenges to tackle. I usually practice yoga at home, so I was really out of my comfort zone. Speaking of which..


This quote is so true. Think about the last time you were really proud of yourself or felt really accomplished.. Now before that sense of pride, you maybe were a nervous reck, anxious, uncomfortable? SEE! It’s amazing what can happen when we give ourselves opportunities to be courageous, daring, and adventurous.

CHEERS to trying new things!

  • When is the last time you stepped out of your comfort zone? .. meeting a new friend for coffee, trying a  fitness class, interviewing for a job, going somewhere new by yourself..

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25 Happy Things

Birthday “week” is off to an amazing start! A minute of my weekend didn’t go by without family or best friends.. The way life should be, really! I celebrated with my best friend up in Maine on Saturday and then with my parents and grandparents on Sunday. The big day is Thursday, when it will be just me and J. I can’t wait! I’ve always been big on making my own cards and thank you cards are especially important for my birthday. For the past 4 years I’ve created a list of “X” amount of happy things that I love (in no particular order). It’s like a gratitude list that makes you feel great by the time you come up with your last line. This year I need 25!! And I definitely experienced 25 happy things this weekend.  EASY.

1. Champagne and all forms of sparkly wine. Little bottles make it even more fun, right?


2. The fact that my best friend and I have celebrated 10 birthdays together! And shooting for 100 more. That’s a LOT.


3. The sound of laughter radiating throughout the house.

4. Cozy warm mittens for the newly arrived freezing nights in New England.

5. Mastering a yoga headstand without needing the wall behind me.

6. Treadmill and total body HIIT workout that left me with a good shake in my body!

7. Fresh gel manicure that’s juuuust the right color.

8. Buffalo tempeh sandwiches for veggie and meat lovers alike!

9. Homemade birthday gift filled with the perfect mug, chocolate, candle, quote book, and more!

10. Spending extra time getting ready just for the fun of it.


11. OMG. Melty brie cheese with walnuts, rosemary, and honey drizzle.

12. Birthday balloons. I’ll still expect them even when I’m 95 🙂

13. Hand holding during long car rides.

14. Morning walks in the chilly fresh air.

15. The last bit of fall foliage beautifying the highway tree by tree.

16. The excited feeling right before ripping open a wrapped gift.

17. Lighting the fireplace for the first time this season.

18. Gold cheetah wrapping paper from Marshall’s. Seriously, go get some.

19. Totally missing an ingredient in a recipe and laughing it off big time.


20. When Pandora plays all the right songs.

21. Two words: maple coffee.

22. Getting into bed with freshly cleaned sheets.

Vegan pudding

23. Vegan and paleo chocolate pudding dessert.

24. Anxiously awaiting the rest of the birthday celebrations this week!

25. Ending the weekend with the happiest heart.



Mom, Happy Birthday!

Who’s going to be the first person to read this post this morning? Mom. Who wakes up and thinks of checking my blog every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning? Mom. Who constantly shares my posts and recipes to her family and friends over Facebook? Mom. Who tells me how proud she is of how much I’ve changed and grown over the past year? Mom. Who deserves the best birthday today? You guessed it…!


As you can see above, we have a lot of fun! We have a lot in common, but also inspire one another in different ways. We laugh, chat, cheers, complain, vent, wine, cook, walk, explore, create, eat, shop, dance, sing, and love! We also understand one another and for that I am very grateful! She may bring out my logical side, but I bring out her adventurous side. In this picture, we had gone into Marshall’s for some shopping and it was clear outside. When we were ready to leave, there was an absolute windy, rainy storm. She wanted to stay inside and wait it out, but I thought it’d be more fun to run through the puddles into the car. She squealed while I laughed hysterically.

Mom Quote

Oh boy, this one’s true – the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree! While we have our own likes and dislikes, we overlap quiiiiiite a lot. We can both be quick and witty, but we can also be the last ones to get the joke. Even further, we can be the first ones to say something without thinking it through.. and then everyone laughs. At least we’re usually in that same boat together!


I wanted to wish her a fabulous day! SO, happy birthday to one of my very best friends!

CHEERS to you, Mom!



10 Tips for Inspiration

Wednesday calls for an extra dose of inspiration to get us through the remainder of the week! Whenever I’m in a drab mood, I try (as much as I can) to snap out of it and remind myself not to take life so seriously. It’s all just one big game, you win some, you lose some and that’s totally okay. Of course it’s natural to feel moody from time to time, but when you feel the need to crawl out of that sour place look to the tips below.

Hakuna Matata

Get Outside – It’s amazing what fresh air can do! I worked all day inside yesterday without a cracked window and didn’t head out during my lunch break due to all the rainy weather. By the time 5:30pm rolled around, I was absolute toast! Leaving the windows cracked on the way home really made a huge difference.

Make a Gratitude List – Writing things down is a powerful tool. Think of 3-5 things you are grateful for, maybe something that happened today, maybe something you’re looking forward to, or a certain someone who has recently helped you out. Maybe you’re even grateful for dark chocolate? I sure am! Through positive thinking, you can’t help but lift your mood.

Have a Heart to Heart – Nothing beats a meaningful conversation. I was on Skype for 3 hours on Saturday catching up with a dear friend in Germany. First of all, how cool is that? And secondly, laughing, sharing, understanding, and listening left me with the happiest heart when I hung up. You never know what inspiration may come of it either – I suggested that my friend roll out of bed onto her Pilates mat in the morning instead of fitting it in after school. On Monday she felt inspired to do so and was so happy she did!

Move – Even when you’re so cranky and so tired! Tell yourself that if you don’t feel better after 10 minutes of exercising, you’ll stop. I can guarantee that after the 10 minute period is over, you won’t be ready to stop! Release those endorphins and push any unwanted frustration out in your workout.

Read Inspiring Quotes – Sometimes we need inspiration from outside sources. In this case, head to Pinterest. Maya Angelou is one wise woman! After reading this quote, I immediately snapped out of it!

Maya Angelou Quote

Treat Yourself – Make a mid-week dinner reservation with a friend or have a spontaneous date night. J and I headed out a couple Wednesdays ago for dinner and pumpkin beer instead of the humdrum of recipe, cooking, dishes… We couldn’t have felt more refreshed after treating ourselves to a night out of routine!

Help Somebody – Nothing makes me feel better than knowing I made somebody’s day better. Making someone else feel good will automatically make you feel great in return!

Try a New Recipe – Cooking inspires me! Did you recently pin a healthy dish? Of course you did 😉 It’s time to make it! You’ll be preoccupied with cooking that you won’t have time to think sour thoughts. Better yet, you’ll have a delicious accomplishment at the end!

Sing – Okay, you don’t have to sing, but at least listen to music! Not just any music either…happy music. Listening to sad music when you’re feeling less than inspired isn’t going to get you anywhere. Blast some happy tunes in your apartment or play some calming music through your headphones at work. You’ll be tapping your toes in no time.

Breathe – Trust yourself. If you’re doing the best you can right now, that’s all that matters!



  • Who else is watching The Voice and thinks Pharrell is the cutest human ever?

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Benefits of Walking It Off During Lunch

Happy Monday! I hope you have the day off from work like I do. I was super ready for a 3-day weekend and better yet, I’m going to spend it with my best girlfriend! Follow me on Facebook and Instagram to see what goodies we find throughout the day! As I have the day off to rejuvenate, I figured I’d bring up one of the ways I rejuvenate during the day when I am at work. My take is that it all comes down to how you spend your lunch break!

Fall Walk

Unless I have some errands to run or too much work to handle, I always go for a walk during my lunch break. The picture above was taken on Sunday – I went for a chilly walk first thing when I woke up! Don’t get caught up here – as I don’t bring my leggings and sneakers to work. I just leave the office for an easy walk, in whatever I’m wearing, to breathe in the fresh air and clear my ahead before 5 more hours of screen time. Sometimes I even carry my meal and find a nice spot to sit and eat!

Fall Sky

October is especially a perfect month for walking during your lunch break! You definitely won’t sweat, you won’t be too chilly, and the scenery will be gorgeous!

Here are my reasons to hit the road during lunch!

  • Move that body!
    • Do you sit at a desk for 8+ hours a day? Your body is craving a walk. Sometimes my back actually feels sore from sitting so much during the day and even the shortest of walks makes me feel better.
  • Breathe fresh air
    • Do you have a window in your office? I sure hope so. I also hope you’re able to open it whenever you want. However, if you sit in a cube, you may not be able to do so. Heading outside gives you the chance to breathe in the fresh air and let it flow all throughout your whole body.
  • Wake up
    • Do you ever feel like a zombie after staring at your computer for hours? I sure do. Walking is a guaranteed wake up call for me. Movement, fresh air, sunshine, wind, and zero electronics for almost a full hour is exactly what I need mid-day.
  • Cardio
    • Do you ever feel “too busy” to exercise? Make it happen within this hour! Sure, you won’t get sweaty, but you’re still pumping blood and getting some cardio in.
  • Stress less
    • We all know what it feels like to be stressed at work… You may even convince yourself that working through lunch is your only option to get by on a given day. I’ve definitely done this before, but it never made me feel any more positive and it certainly didn’t help me think any clearer. Even if you only have 10 minutes to spare, hit the road! I promise you’ll feel fresh and ready to tackle an afternoon of projects.


CHEERS to a positive start to the week!

  • How do you rejuvenate during the work day?
  • Are you a fan of quick walks?



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The Technology Toss-Up

Hello! I’m working on building consistency throughout this blog with regular posts & ongoing inspiration. I think about it ALL the time, but thinking is different than writing or doing. I named this post ‘the technology toss-up’ because I’m having a hard time being on the computer all day at work. Now that I have had a full-time job for two months, I can’t possibly stand being on the computer in the evenings. Right now, typing here is the last thing I feel like doing.. But I really want to dedicate free time to this blog & I want to build it into something greater. So, I’m fully aware of the inconsistency so far, but I’m working on turning that around!

Have you seen this video floating around Facebook?

I stumbled upon it just a few nights ago, & really connected to what it was all about. Go watch it before reading the rest of this post if you want! It’s really so sad to realize that we are surrounded by technology literally all day, every minute, & it’s very hard to escape. When does it stop? How do we separate ourselves from it?

I’ve become aware of myself, someone who has always noticed & been against this obsession with technology, become consumed by it at times. I hate that! Between Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, news sites, email.. the list goes on & on. I’m currently trying to break the habit of crawling into bed with my cell phone. Seriously, our alarms are now on our phones. I’ll go to set the alarm & next thing I know a half hour has gone by when I could have been sleeping or resting with my mind at ease. I’m all for pictures & documenting precious moments, beautiful meals, nature, but do we have to immediately post our photos to social media? No. We really don’t. It’s almost as if our brains have become wired for immediate satisfaction, gratification, & connection. We need that ‘like’ right way. WHO CARES! Do you really care who likes your picture? That pictures holds a memory for YOU, not your Facebook ‘friend.’

Tonight my two best friends were both in the area & we went out to dinner together for the first time in a very long time. Not one of us had our phone out on the table or even on volume. Our phones were silently tucked away in our purses. Did we take a picture? No! We didn’t have to. We enjoyed each other’s company and food for no one else but ourselves. We did, however, look at the table across from us as a mother and her two high school aged sons physically sat together, but couldn’t be mentally farther apart. All three of them were on their smart phones the whole entire time. We really couldn’t help but notice! We felt so sorry that the mother couldn’t connect with her children & we felt so sorry that the children couldn’t even part from their phones to have a conversation with their mom. The whole situation was wrong & ridiculous.

There’s more world to see & explore through our own eyes, for ourselves. Notice your own poor technology habits, make a change. I dare you! Let’s work on it together.

How has the technology obsession affected you? What poor tech habits are you ready to break?


CHEERS to LOOKING UP at the world, not looking down at our phones!

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“La La La La La La Life is Wonderful” & So Are These Pictures

Just a minor shout-out to Jason Mraz above.

Before Facebook & Instagram, back into the time of disposable cameras & polaroids I fell in love with picture taking! You could also include picture printing, as I have way too many to prove it, but that’s not really important here. I love the idea of capturing moments, only to relive them through the image at a later date. I can’t get enough! The best moments are the ones you don’t go looking for & below you’ll find some of my favorites! Just everyday moments, watching the sun do her thing. In the second photo below, I was simply walking home from class in college, watching this take over the sky.


Sunday River Sunset

UNH Sunset


Stratham Hill Sunset
St Pete Sunset

Rocky Beach Sunset

Greenhouse Sunset

Rocky Beach

What’s that? You didn’t know I had a thing for sunsets? Well, now you most certainly do!


CHEERS to finding beauty in every single day.