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HIIT the Gym With Me!

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I LOVE high intensity interval training (HIIT)! Not only an amazing fat burner, but you’ll increase your speed & be able to squeeze in a tough workout on days that you don’t have a ton of time. Below are my go-to workouts at the gym! Some of them are brand spankin’ new, while others I have been using for years. Although I’m a lady & most of these workouts are from girly websites, they will have your guy friends huffing & puffing (right, J 😉 ) While they are all cardiovascular, some are for running on the treadmill while others are simply no-equipment bodyweight routines you can do anytime/anywhere. The beauty of it all is that you can modify each routine to your skill level. For example in the summer I only ran outside, so by the time it got chilly & I headed for the treadmill, I was so out-of-interval-shape (yes, correct terminology there). If sprinting at speed 8 felt too fast, I’d sprint at speed 7. If jogging at speed 6 felt like too much, I’d walk at speed 4. This is why I love intervals! If I want to run 5 miles, I will. If I want to run 1.5 miles, I don’t beat myself up because it’s still such an amazing workout reaping with benefits!

45 Min Fat Burning Intervals

45 Minute Fat Burning Treadmill Workout

This is what I did yesterday! I’m not saying it was easy because when it was over I was happy, but I felt so accomplished to get my speed back up & my whole body felt it! I walked it out for 5 extra minutes afterwards.

Rolling Hills Treadmill Workout

This is my go-to when I don’t want to run fast or work on my speed. The hills are definitely challenging, but there is no sprinting involved. I always feel it in my legs the next day!

40 Minute ‘Lazy Girl’ Workout 

Blogger Peanut Butter Fingers has some amazing workouts on her site that I’ve been following for years. The ‘Lazy Girl’ routine has been dragging me to the gym since 2011. When I know I want to do intervals, but just can’t muster the energy, I call on this workout! It starts with walking, so I slowly get my body into it & by the end, I honestly don’t want to stop! It’s that good.

Tone It Up: Love Your Body with HIIT

Tone It Up HIIT Bodyweight Routine

I tried this 20 minute exercise for the first time this morning. The Tone it Up girls definitely know what they’re doing! I regularly follow their routines & they make me feel like I’m working out right along with my girlfriends.

20 Minute Total Body Tabata

I started using this one in December when I didn’t want to leave the house for the gym! A killer workout only 20 minutes long. On days I feel ‘too busy’ to exercise, I turn here!


CHEERS to burning that booty!


DISCLAIMER: I am not a fitness or health professional. This blog is a reflection of my experiences. What is right for me, may not be right for you. Our bodies all have different needs, so please consult your doctor before trying any new type of exercise. 





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