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Monday Mantra 6

… Starting the week off with some gratitude helps put things in perspective on Monday. Take a moment with the quote below and I think you’ll agree! 


CHEERS to a positive Monday!


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Wake Up With Inspiration [drink it & wear it]

Don’t you love the type of morning when you wake up before your alarm, feel fully energized, & totally accepting of the day ahead? I know those mornings are few & far between, but there are plenty of tricks to get you there more often. For one, I get excited knowing I’ll have hot coffee shortly brewing. For two, planning ahead with a yummy breakfast! Maybe coffee & food isn’t enough for everyone though 😉

In that case, there’s a few Etsy shops that will splash your face with an awesome dose inspiration every morning. Etsy shop ‘In It For The Love‘ features mugs with positive, inspiring quotes & expressions. Shop owner, Jenna Nelson, creates each image & presses each mug herself with “love & intention.” I’m such a sucker for quotes, as they can truly turn your day around & open your eyes to a whole new perspective. Some are funny, too! Next on my list is “Inhale the Good Shit, Exhale the Bull Shit.” haha!

This shop encourages my obsession with miracles. I even received a really nice note!


These mugs make the best gifts, too! There’s seriously a quote for everyone. Like your valentine from last month 😉 Just make sure you say cheers first.

Effing Love You

My other shop obsession is ‘SuperLoveTees‘. When you visibly wear a quote for all to see, you are spreading light & love everywhere you go! That was shop owner Theresa Roth’s plan, she calls this “wearable inspiration.” Obviously, I’m sold. She’s also very eco-friendly & only sources companies under the Fair Labor Association.

It took me forever to pick my favorite quote, there are so many good ones. It’s alright though, just means I have more orders to fulfill in the near future! From “inspire & be inspired” which goes perfectly with my blog & the new “no mud, no lotus” represents so much truth about life.

I ordered the most comfortable eco-wrap cardigan! Keyword: thumb holes.

EcoWrapShe Loved Life

She sure did! So do these two amazing shop owners & women. Both Theresa & Jenna make their products inspiring because they took hobbies they loved & turned their dreams into realities by owning successful shops, spreading love, & spreading light. I’m such a fan!

Cheers to the beautiful cycle of inspiring others & being inspired in return!

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Never, Ever Give Up

No Fit Link Friday this week! I’m feeling too inspired in life itself, not just the health & fitness factor. Life has thrown me for a few unexpected loops this week, but I couldn’t be happier with the outcomes! This just goes to show that you never really know what is waiting for you down the road. You have to trust that something is coming  & continue to keep your head up. Sure you won’t always be happy, & no, things won’t always go the way you want them to. We would love if life was perfectly smooth all the time, but if this was the case, we’d never fully appreciate the truly exciting moments of pure happiness. Sometimes we have to patient & trust that the right thing will present itself at the right time. It’s too bad we can’t pick the right time, but it sure is fun to be pleasantly surprised!

Here are some quotes I’ve found on Pinterest that I’m fully focused on today & will carry with me through the weekend! .. As if the thought of a weekend wasn’t inspiring enough for you 😉

Never Give Up

your journey

who you are

be proud


Quotes like these have inspired me to fully embrace uncertainty. Even through the rough patches, uncertainty keeps us holding on for what’s to come. As uncomfortable as uncertainty makes us, it may actually be one of the best feelings life offers. I believe we somehow learn to trust it. Right now, I feel as though I fully do.

CHEERS to never giving up! Seriously, let’s drink to that.

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The Real Reason We Are Here

“There are things you do because they feel right & they may make no sense & they may make no money & it may be the real reason we are here: to love each other & to eat each other’s cooking & say it was good.” – Brian Andreas

What does the good life mean to you? What is the good life anyway?

We all woke up this morning in such comfy beds that we didn’t even want to get up, right? We went downstairs & brewed some delicious hot coffee that we could taste & smell. We either started our days working out, with bodies that powered us all the way through. Or took hot showers & opened our closets to choose from 100 different outfits & pairs of shoes. We may have kissed someone good morning, or wished someone a great day. Or we will be doing so shortly when we arrive to work after traveling in our heated, cozy cars.

For me, the good life is all about the little things. I used to simply embrace this way of thinking when I was feeling inspired or extra grateful, but then I would get caught up in thoughts of careers, money, what other people were doing, what I should be doing, & forget all about it. It took much effort, thought, reflection, & a good ol’ heart to heart at the beginning of this year to permanently adopt & truly believe that the littlest things are the most amazing & abundant parts of life.

As for me, the good life is actually the AMAZING life because good just doesn’t cut it .. some immediate thoughts come to mind..

  • Giving love
  • Being loved
  • Making someone smile
  • Sharing laughter
  • Hearing laughter
  • Having arms to hug, having lips to kiss
  • Connecting with others, no matter if we have lots in common or not
  • Using my legs for long runs, short runs, & runs that I don’t even want to go on
  • Dancing carelessly in the kitchen
  • Singing loudly in the car
  • Smelling fresh baked cookies in the oven, healthified or not 😉
  • Feeling supported no matter what I choose & supporting others for whatever they choose
  • Owning the independence to make my own choices
  • Finding what makes me happy & repeatedly doing it
  • Following my intentions
  • Knowing I made someone else’s day, week, month, year better just by being me
  • Celebrating life every day

Below is a video made by Jonathan Fields who started the “Good Life Project.” He asked, “what is the good life?” to 29 people & received a mind-blowing 29 completely different answers. Take 4 minutes of your day to sit back, hit play, & feel so inspired. Your Monday will thank you for it!

So, what does the good life mean to you? Whatever it means..

I’ll CHEERS to it!