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Monday Mantra 4

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Happy Monday! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. This whole time change thing really effects us, doesn’t it? I didn’t want any veggies at lunch yesterday because my body still thought it was in the morning hours. I read somewhere that it takes a week to adjust to the 1 hour change – do you agree? Who knew 1 hour made such a difference! Anyway, here we are. This week’s quote is a bit of a zinger, but I really love it. We all have our moments, perhaps judging someone else’s choices, actions, or doings. Maybe we’ve even talked about it with a friend. I’m all for venting. I’m just not for judging – there’s a big difference! I think most people are extra sensitive on Mondays, so this quote is a great eye-opener for the week.



CHEERS to a mindful Monday!

  • Do you have any Monday rituals? How do you cope with the Monday blues? I always set my coffee pot so a nice warm mug awaits 🙂

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