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New England Snow Means At-Home Workouts

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Raise your hand if you’re currently swimming in snow! We all are in New England. From blizzards to light snowfall, there really haven’t been any false alarms from the Weather Channel. Another snow storm on Thursday? Let’s hope the prediction is wrong here. My regular 6am wake-up call to hit the gym has been replaced…Who wants to roll out of bed to put on a hat, mittens, boots, and trudge through the snow to scrape ice off their car? Not this girl! Instead, I’ve been rolling out of bed and onto my yoga mat for some efficient morning workouts.


I’m going to share a few of my absolute favorite websites for at-home workouts. Whether you’ve got 10 minutes, 30 minutes, or want to work arms/legs/booty/abs/full body or cardio – you’ll find it all! I linked to my most recent favorites below!


PopSugar Fitness Videos

Tone It Up

And I’ve been following some of my favorite bloggers for workouts and videos, too! In the past week I’ve completed both of these workouts and loved them – Pumps and Iron Bodyweight Circuit and Fitnessista’s Barre Burner.

CHEERS to staying active!

  • What’s your favorite way to get moving when you’re stuck inside all day? I’m up for ideas 🙂



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