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Fit Link Friday [11.28]

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Happy Black Friday! Look below to get a taste of my morning. Having a 4 and a half day weekend feels AMAZING! I’m enjoying a morning of complete relaxation, special oatmeal, fleece sweatpants, and cozy slippers included. Is anyone shopping today? Good for you! Talk about braving the crowds. I’m shocked by all of the online deals going on today! I’ve been ALL over Gap.com already 🙂 Below you’ll find a round up on my fave health and wellness articles from this past week! A few of them should help get you through the weekend. I really enjoyed the article from Greatest, how to respond when people say things that undermine your health. While not a total “food snob” I can definitely be picky and it’s hard to listen to the comments of others sometimes. Greatest has come up with polite responses for you. ALSO, hold the holiday guilt. That one is a must read!

What Size Dumbbells Should You Use

6 Reasons You Can’t Out-Exercise a Poor Diet

What to Say to People who Undermine Your Health

Stop Feeling Guilty for Indulging Yesterday!!

Traveling this Weekend? Get Your Workouts Here!

CHEERS to an extra long weekend filled with loved ones!

  • What’s the yummiest thing you ate yesterday?

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