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25 Happy Things

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Birthday “week” is off to an amazing start! A minute of my weekend didn’t go by without family or best friends.. The way life should be, really! I celebrated with my best friend up in Maine on Saturday and then with my parents and grandparents on Sunday. The big day is Thursday, when it will be just me and J. I can’t wait! I’ve always been big on making my own cards and thank you cards are especially important for my birthday. For the past 4 years I’ve created a list of “X” amount of happy things that I love (in no particular order). It’s like a gratitude list that makes you feel great by the time you come up with your last line. This year I need 25!! And I definitely experienced 25 happy things this weekend.  EASY.

1. Champagne and all forms of sparkly wine. Little bottles make it even more fun, right?


2. The fact that my best friend and I have celebrated 10 birthdays together! And shooting for 100 more. That’s a LOT.


3. The sound of laughter radiating throughout the house.

4. Cozy warm mittens for the newly arrived freezing nights in New England.

5. Mastering a yoga headstand without needing the wall behind me.

6. Treadmill and total body HIIT workout that left me with a good shake in my body!

7. Fresh gel manicure that’s juuuust the right color.

8. Buffalo tempeh sandwiches for veggie and meat lovers alike!

9. Homemade birthday gift filled with the perfect mug, chocolate, candle, quote book, and more!

10. Spending extra time getting ready just for the fun of it.


11. OMG. Melty brie cheese with walnuts, rosemary, and honey drizzle.

12. Birthday balloons. I’ll still expect them even when I’m 95 🙂

13. Hand holding during long car rides.

14. Morning walks in the chilly fresh air.

15. The last bit of fall foliage beautifying the highway tree by tree.

16. The excited feeling right before ripping open a wrapped gift.

17. Lighting the fireplace for the first time this season.

18. Gold cheetah wrapping paper from Marshall’s. Seriously, go get some.

19. Totally missing an ingredient in a recipe and laughing it off big time.


20. When Pandora plays all the right songs.

21. Two words: maple coffee.

22. Getting into bed with freshly cleaned sheets.

Vegan pudding

23. Vegan and paleo chocolate pudding dessert.

24. Anxiously awaiting the rest of the birthday celebrations this week!

25. Ending the weekend with the happiest heart.



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