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Fit Link Friday [11.7]

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Yay, Friday! In case you were wondering my birthday is in less than a week 😉 Can’t say I didn’t warn you that birthdays are my favorite… Anyway, sorry I missed you on Wednesday! I am revamping my schedule as we enter the holiday season. For someone that cares so much about wellness, I need to step back and take care of myself. Between a full time job, holistic health coach studying, having a social life, and keeping my sanity, I’m going to stick to a Monday and Friday schedule for now. I also don’t want to provide you with crummy posts and quality posts take time! Mondays will be a mix of inspiration, wellness, nutrition, fitness, and recipes, while Fridays will almost always be your weekly roundup of fitness and wellness articles! Of course every day I’m on social media, so be sure to follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  I’ve read tons of great articles this week, so I hope you like the roundup below!


5 Tips to Manifest Miracles

7 Minute HIIT

The Brain on 23  (perfect for any twenty-something)

Hold a 5 Minute Plank by November 30th!

Adults Can Learn a lot from the Way Kids View Body Image 

CHEERS to the start of birthday celebrations!

  • What’s your favorite thing about the month of November?

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