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How Much Sugar Are We Eating

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Happy November! Only my favorite month ever. It could have something to do with the fact that there’s a big 25th birthday right around the corner in 11 days! If you must know 1 thing about me, it’s that I LOVE birthdays. I’m not selfish either, I even love YOUR birthday! I get so excited for everyone’s birthday. From a childish perspective, I believe we should all get the day off from work and have all things special and fun .. and yummy! Speaking of yummy…

PB Cups

How was your Halloween? Did you get your full of sugar? On Friday night I made dark chocolate peanut butter cups and my friends made snickers. If you are hesitant about the way a homemade popular candy tastes, think again. It’s amazing! You may start drooling just looking at them. And your body will thank you for making the right choice!


Just before Halloween, J emailed me a recent article on Yahoo, from Eat This Not That, about sugar. The World Health Organization changed their guidelines, lowering the amount of sugar the average person should eat in a day to 6 sugar packets. Right off the bat, doesn’t 6 sugar packets sound like a lot?! It’s shocking and I bet a lot of people don’t know they eat way over 6 sugar packets each day in forms of their favorite boxed foods. For an even bigger visual, the article focused on comparisons to a half dozen of Dunkin Donuts sugar glazed donuts.

Currently in America, sugar is everywhere and in everything! Everything from that granola cereal they make look so healthy in commercials, your favorite salad topper Craisins, a seemingly nutritious salad dressing, that beautiful yogurt parfait advertised as the best way to slim down, and the juice that every child wants to guzzle.

A lot of us don’t notice the sugar content due to all the “healthy” labeling written all over these boxes. If we took our eyes right to the nutrition facts and ingredient list, we’d be much better off. I know I’m definitely not sugar free – I love using a squirt of honey on my plain greek yogurt and maple syrup on my banana and egg pancakes. However, that’s the majority of added sugar I consume in a day. Fruit and vegetable sugar is all natural, most whole grains don’t contain any sugars, neither do raw nuts or seeds. It’s all about taking a deeper look into our options, available flavors, and various ways of cooking. Can’t live without fruit yogurt? Transition to a plain yogurt and add your own fresh strawberries, bananas, and honey. It will take your tastebuds a few days to adjust, but over time you’ll get used to it! It’s all about making small swaps, step by step and slowly lowering our added sugar intake.

Don’t roll your eyes! I have proof.. J used to think it was repulsive when I ate plain greek yogurt for breakfast and he would always choose vanilla. Guess what he eats now?! You guessed it – plain yogurt! If he made the switch, I think anyone could! Although a lot of my healthy habits are rubbing off on him, he’s happy for it and sad about it all at the same time πŸ˜‰

Read the whole article online here.

CHEERS to small changes!

  • What healthy swaps have you made for yourself?

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