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Fit Link Friday [Tummy Bug Edition]

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Happy Halloween! What are your plans? I’m headed to a friend’s house with a few other couples for some amazing homemade food, healthified snickers and peanut butter cups. I can’t wait! As you can tell from my title, I was hit by the tummy bug this week. Luckily, I headed back to work yesterday and will be ready for the festivities tonight. Although, I haven’t gone to bed past 8pm for the past 4 nights, so we’ll see how that goes!

PB Toast

As soon as I start feeling better, my brain goes full force into a to-do list of things I should start working on or must do. I need to tell my brain to hit the breaks a majority of the time because it really does take a few days to recover. I haven’t exercised since Sunday! Now that’s crazy. Even so, I’m planning on going for a nice walk on Saturday and maybe some light yoga just to start out. It’s definitely hard to get your body moving again after being a couch (sweet) potato for a few days. It’s also tough for me to eat. Right now I’m loving chicken soup, apple sauce, and cinnamon Puffins cereal.. Exciting, I know.

Since I wasn’t focused on fitness this week, here’s a roundup of articles dedicated to getting us healthy!

The Best and Worst Foods to Eat When You’re Sick

Avoid the Flu! How to Prevent Getting Sick at the Gym

Quick Healing Techniques

Hope you find these articles useful when you may be feeling down this chilly season! Even better, I hope they prevent you from feeling down this season. The only perk was getting to watch the Ellen DeGeneres show a couple times.

CHEERS to a spooky evening! Have fun!


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