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Mom, Happy Birthday!


Who’s going to be the first person to read this post this morning? Mom. Who wakes up and thinks of checking my blog every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning? Mom. Who constantly shares my posts and recipes to her family and friends over Facebook? Mom. Who tells me how proud she is of how much I’ve changed and grown over the past year? Mom. Who deserves the best birthday today? You guessed it…!


As you can see above, we have a lot of fun! We have a lot in common, but also inspire one another in different ways. We laugh, chat, cheers, complain, vent, wine, cook, walk, explore, create, eat, shop, dance, sing, and love! We also understand one another and for that I am very grateful! She may bring out my logical side, but I bring out her adventurous side. In this picture, we had gone into Marshall’s for some shopping and it was clear outside. When we were ready to leave, there was an absolute windy, rainy storm. She wanted to stay inside and wait it out, but I thought it’d be more fun to run through the puddles into the car. She squealed while I laughed hysterically.

Mom Quote

Oh boy, this one’s true – the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree! While we have our own likes and dislikes, we overlap quiiiiiite a lot. We can both be quick and witty, but we can also be the last ones to get the joke. Even further, we can be the first ones to say something without thinking it through.. and then everyone laughs. At least we’re usually in that same boat together!


I wanted to wish her a fabulous day! SO, happy birthday to one of my very best friends!

CHEERS to you, Mom!



2 thoughts on “Mom, Happy Birthday!

  1. What a surprise! Thank you! You are truly my inspiration and I am very happy to be your mom & your friend!!

  2. What a special gift Paige, one that any mother would treasure forever! Cheers to you!

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