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Fit Link Friday [10.24]

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Mmmm, FRIDAY! After a week full of rain, I’m looking forward to sunshine and free time this weekend. I don’t have much of a plan yet and I couldn’t be happier about it! I know I’m going to tackle a homemade pumpkin spice latte, a fun date with J, and a special birthday dinner for my favorite mother around 🙂 Check below for a roundup of my favorite health and wellness articles of the week!

Pumpkin Fudge Balls

I love this time of year, but not for what you’d think! While everyone obsesses over Halloween fun-size candy bars, I obsess over the clean eating recipes of homemade fun-size candy bars. Last year I made snickers! These pumpkin fudge balls, however, are a more classy take on candy. These would be perfect for a holiday party, dessert, sweet snack, gift, or even Thanksgiving. I’ll be making them soon for SURE. Take a bite of my snickers below!!

Homemade Snickers

5 Reasons Men Should do Pilates

I’m so glad people are talking men into yoga and pilates these days! These are definitely not made for women only. I practiced pilates for about 5 years straight and I’d have to say it’s my absolute favorite. Last Sunday I went to a studio class for the first time in over a year! I fell in love again. Your core, legs, buns, arms.. everything burns! Pilates is fast moving, core engaging, and relaxing all at the same time. For those of you who think it’s just like yoga – it’s not. For a bit of info on that, head here.

Conscious Box

Holy moly. So many monthly ‘boxes’ to subscribe to now – from healthy snacks, clothes, dinners.. you name it. I’d say Conscious Box catches my eye the most! A whole box filled with great branded snacks, including a vegan option. I’d be thrilled receiving this in the mail! Some healthy snacks are pricey, so the fact that you can try them out first is perfect. In addition, there is a bath and body section, home and garden, and even fitness. What more could you ask for!

Best Free Online Yoga Videos

Finally! I never know which videos are worth clicking on and this pretty much sums it up. Yoga classes can get quite expensive so the fact that these are online and free is so ideal. For me, yoga is great for relaxation and stretching. On days you don’t want to workout, find a good flow within this list. It’s also great practice for beginners who want to get a little more comfortable before attending class at a studio. Let me know if you try any of these!

4 Crazy Simple Ways to Live in the Moment

Pick which one you can relate to the most – I’d say #3 for a whole lot of people. Sitting in traffic immediately gets people in a bad mood. Did you cringe just thinking about it? I have actually used the technique suggested, try to focus your mind on something else. I’ll be grateful to sing an extra few songs in the car or have a funny conversation with a friend. You can make use of that time if you send your negative thoughts out the window. Practice that!


  • What’s your favorite fitness class to go to? Mine is Pilates!

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