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How Do You Like Your Coffee?

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Hump day! One of the best days of the week. Take a sip of your coffee and know that you’re halfway to Friday – YAHOO! Especially exciting when there’s a 3 day weekend on it’s way.. Speaking of sipping on coffee, how do you like yours? There are many “natural” creamers and “all-natural” flavors throughout grocery stores and Starbucks, but how natural, really? Coffee isn’t just coffee anymore..


While under the impression that coffee is coffee, it would be very easy to avoid nutrition facts and ingredients lists. As you can see above, this K Cup is anything but coffee. When I think of vanilla cappuccino flavor, I think of espresso and frothy steamed milk. Not corn syrup solids, vegetable oil, or cornstarch.

Can you imagine starting your day with all of those artificial flavors and ingredients? I have a feeling that a large amount of people do without even realizing it! Our food industry has turned into a science of chemical flavorings instead of encouraging us to just eat the real thing. Going to a coffee shop for a vanilla cappuccino would even solve the problem a bit! Unless it’s Starbucks.

Have you heard the news about the Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte? There isn’t even any natural pumpkin in it! A pumpkin flavor made without any pumpkin. Isn’t that crazy? Blogger Food Babe uncovered all of the ingredients that make the pumpkin spice latte. She found a whole host of unnecessary ingredients and possibly chemicals, that our bodies definitely do not need.

Tips for the healthiest cup of coffee:

  • Check the ingredients! I brew my own coffee at home and the ingredients label has “100% Arabica Beans” and nothing else.
  • Need flavor? Brew your coffee with spices! I’ve been adding a couple shakes of pumpkin pie spice, nutmeg, and cinnamon into my coffee pot and it’s delicious!
  • Be mindful of your cream! In my own opinion, adding full-fat half and half is way better than fat-free half and half. Again, check the ingredients! Cream naturally has fat, it’s supposed to. When the fat is taken out, artificial ingredients and sugars are added.
  • Mix it up with creamer and try almond, soy, or coconut milk.

If you’re craving a pumpkin spice latte, there are many recipes all over the web!

CHEERS to delicious mugs of hot coffee on this rainy morning,

  • Have you noticed the artificial flavorings in coffee?
  • How do you make your cup most mornings?

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