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Fit Link Friday [10.3]

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Just thinking about Friday makes me happy and excited! There’s so much to look forward to every weekend. I prefer not having it all planned out, so there will be plenty of surprise and spontaneity! To kick off the weekend, check out my roundup of health and fitness articles from this week. See which ones you can incorporate today – I’d say most of them for sure! I kept loving all the numbered articles, so I stuck with the theme as you see below.

5 Minute Arm Workout

I definitely benefit from lighter weights and higher reps, so I was excited to find this no excuses arm toning routine! I think it’s fair to say everyone has 5 minutes to spare in their day. Having a couple dumbbells at home makes this even easier to do when you get home from work, after dinner, or even when you wake up in the morning.

Apple Dimple

5 Detoxifying Foods in Your Fridge

Flaxseeds, apples, beets… You don’t need to sign up for a detox or juice cleanse to feel your best, just eat REAL food! Fruits and vegetables are very detoxifying and cleanse your body naturally everyday. Look through the list to see what else you can add to your diet as feel-good food!


5 Reasons to Pamper Yourself

As if you need a reason! More self-compassion means a healthier lifestyle filled with clean eating, more exercise, better sleep, and less stress. Put an end to being your own worst critic and you may be pleasantly surprised with your outcomes!

5 Ways to Freshen Up Your Fitness Routine

From barre to classes combining yoga with cardio, there are tons of ways to mix it up so you never feel bored!


40 Ways to Relax in 5 Minutes or Less

We could all use a little help relaxing. Especially working all week long, I feel extra pressure on the weekends to have all the fun or run all the errands instead of relaxing. This article is filled with reminders and strategies to take it slow.

CHEERS to a fabulous first weekend of October!

  • What are your weekend plans?!




One thought on “Fit Link Friday [10.3]

  1. Very nice and very useful, your pictures are so colorful they make me smile! Thank you, my dear!

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