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Meal Prep and Meatless Monday


What are you making for meals this week?! I’m making coconut lentil curry for Meatless Monday dinner, big salads for lunch, and pumpkin chia pudding for breakfast. Sunday prep for the week is such an easy way to grab and go healthy and clean eating options as you run out the door. Below I’m going to share what I made yesterday afternoon. I promise it only took me an hour!

Meatless Monday

Meatless Monday
Tonight I’m going vegetarian to support Meatless Monday. I actually support eating meatless several nights per week, this is how I feel my personal best. I have fun experimenting with plant-based proteins and combining fresh flavors to create hearty meals.

Lentils don’t photograph well, but they sure taste good! I cooked them in lite canned coconut milk with curry, turmeric, and cumin. My whole apartment smelled amazing! For the entire meal, I’ll cook the pre-chopped broccoli, cauliflower, and onion in coconut milk before layering onto the lentils. I’ll reheat my pre-cooked white sweet potato in the oven and have that on the side.

You can see I chopped up a whole lot of scallions too. These will be added to the curry dinner, burrito bowls, salads, and whatever else I come up with throughout the week. The chopped green pepper and cucumber will be easy to grab for lunch salads or snacks. Hard boiled eggs never fail to add in a little extra protein with either breakfast, lunch, or snack, so I’m trying to prep those each week too.

Breakfast Prep

Prep Breakfast

I like to workout most mornings, so if i don’t plan for breakfast I’ll end up ravenous and grumpy while racing against the clock to throw something together. I always have fruit with breakfast. These are just 2 of the honeycrisp apples I added to my basket at the local farm yesterday. I also have two jars of pumpkin chia pudding and some overnight OIAJ (oats in a jar) but in this case, a little fresh almond butter container from Whole Foods. There’s just enough almond butter left to make it creamy and delicious!

Snack Prep

Pumpkin Spice Snack

I have a special recipe coming your way on Wednesday! For now, I’ll keep it all to myself 🙂 My usual snacks consist of raw almonds, walnuts, trail mix, hard boiled egg, fruit and it doesn’t tend to get more exciting than that. However, October starts this week, so bring out the pumpkin spice and stay tuned for my healthier “Chex Mix.”

Sunday Meal Prep

I definitely didn’t prep like this all summer long, but as the days get shorter it’s nice to have a plan for dinner. Once the really cold weather hits, I’ll want comfort snacks galore.. so it’s better to plan ahead with pre-cut veggies, homemade low-sugar granolas, chocolate date balls, and spiced trail mix to stay on track.

CHEERS to beating the Monday blues today!

  • Have you ever participated in Meatless Monday?
  • What are you having for dinner this week?





4 thoughts on “Meal Prep and Meatless Monday

  1. Paige,
    This is an amazing blog. You are an amazing young woman!

  2. An old dog must learn new tricks to live a healthy and happy life! Thank you for showing us how! Food for thought, indeed

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