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Fit Link Friday [9.26]

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Apple Picking

5 o’clock is calling my name! I have a jam-packed weekend coming up filled with fun and people I love. A fall festival on Saturday followed by a family dinner on Sunday. I’m focusing on all things fall. I’ve even already gone apple picking. I keep adding pumpkin spice to everything and started roasting some delicious brusselsprouts with New England maple syrup. Can’t get enough! Here’s the kicker though, all weekend it’s supposed to be 80 degrees! That may interfere with my fall theme a bit, but I’ll take it over winter weather anyday.

Now onto my roundup of fitness and health articles I loved this week:

Cottage Cheese and Apples

Vegetarian Protein Sources

I love every single vegetarian protein source listed within this Cooking Light slideshow! From pumpkin seeds to black beans to cottage cheese. I’ve been enjoying my cottage cheese with diced apple picked last weekend with a sprinkle of cinnamon! Don’t miss the recipes included within each slide either, chili spiced almonds anyone?

10 Tips for Fall Fitness

HuffPost Healthy Living put together a list filled with tips and reasons to love exercising outdoors this fall. Fall gets my vote for the best running weather of the year! Nothing like a crisp breeze in the air with a crunching of the leaves beneath your feet. I’ve also seen a few killer sunsets this week, unfortunately they are all before 6:30pm.. Something to get used to this time of year!


Fall Fruits and Veggies Packed with Nutrients

Thanks to this Women’s Health Magazine article, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting out  of your favorite fall food. I swear I didn’t eat an apple all summer – they just taste so much better when you pick them yourself!

Morning Yoga Routine

Shape Magazine knows there’s nothing like a good yoga flow in the morning. Instead of hitting the gym before work, I rolled out of bed for some yoga and both my mind and body were ready to take on the day. Has anyone started practicing their yoga headstand from last week’s post?!

Inner Thigh Exercises from Pure Barre to Your Living Room

I fell in love with barre last winter. I felt so strong and so sweaty after leaving every class! FitSugar has a ton of workout videos from 10 minutes to 60 minutes, depending on what you’re looking for. Save money on this weekend’s barre class and practice in your living room with this video instead!


CHEERS to the weekend, friends!

  • What’s your favorite fall food?
  • Have a killer fall recipe to share?

One thought on “Fit Link Friday [9.26]

  1. Very clever and enjoyable, Paige!

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