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Fit Link Friday [9.19]

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TEE GEE EYE EFF. TGIF. Happy Friday! I had a whirl-wind of a week with some work travels smack-dab in the middle. Tonight I’m starting to wind down with a pumpkin candle, relaxing music, and the comfiest slippers ever. Oh, there may be chocolate avocado mousse in the freezer waiting for this blog post to be written too..

Travels mean airport time, which means plenty of time to browse my favorite health and wellness websites. Below you’ll find a round up of my favorites!

 Beat the Monday Blues! 

Greatist couldn’t have posted this at any better time. I know I’m not the only one that gets a little sad when Sunday evening rolls around.. I’ve been brainstorming new ways to incorporate fun and adventure during the Monday-Friday instead of gym/work/home/cook/eat/study/snuggle/sleep/repeat. I enjoy routine, but sometimes we need to switch it up and surprise ourselves with something special mid-week.

Best Spices to Boost Metabolism

Nothing says fall like cinnamon. FitSugar posted a list of metabolism boosting spices to incorporate into your everyday meals. What’s even better is that these warm spices make for the most perfect fall flavors! Check out the article for a few recipes, too.

Video Demo – How To Do a Headstand for Beginners 

Blogilates posted a video of her journey to mastering the headstand. I loved her honesty when saying it took her a solid 3 months of practices before getting comfortable and completing it successfully. Immediately after watching, I was inspired to try it. It’s even more fun when your roomie is watching TV in the living room and you randomly pounce upside-down against the wall. I thoroughly enjoyed the reaction I got!

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies for Breakfast! 

All pumpkin EVERYthing. I don’t think a day has gone by in the past 2 weeks when I haven’t thought about baking something pumpkin. Fitnessista wants you to eat it for breakfast! These healthy little cookies even have some protein to power you through the morning. And with chocolate chips, you’ll have the power to conquer whatever comes your way!

Exercise Makes Us Happier

HuffPost Healthy Living always gives me some food for thought each week! There were TONS of stats included in this infographic, along with some really cute images. Definitely give it a look-through when you need some extra motivation to get out there!


This weekend will be picture-perfect for Fall – apple picking, cider doughnuts, football, and friends!

What is your favorite fall activity? Get out there this weekend!




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  1. I like it!

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