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The Technology Toss-Up

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Hello! I’m working on building consistency throughout this blog with regular posts & ongoing inspiration. I think about it ALL the time, but thinking is different than writing or doing. I named this post ‘the technology toss-up’ because I’m having a hard time being on the computer all day at work. Now that I have had a full-time job for two months, I can’t possibly stand being on the computer in the evenings. Right now, typing here is the last thing I feel like doing.. But I really want to dedicate free time to this blog & I want to build it into something greater. So, I’m fully aware of the inconsistency so far, but I’m working on turning that around!

Have you seen this video floating around Facebook?

I stumbled upon it just a few nights ago, & really connected to what it was all about. Go watch it before reading the rest of this post if you want! It’s really so sad to realize that we are surrounded by technology literally all day, every minute, & it’s very hard to escape. When does it stop? How do we separate ourselves from it?

I’ve become aware of myself, someone who has always noticed & been against this obsession with technology, become consumed by it at times. I hate that! Between Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, news sites, email.. the list goes on & on. I’m currently trying to break the habit of crawling into bed with my cell phone. Seriously, our alarms are now on our phones. I’ll go to set the alarm & next thing I know a half hour has gone by when I could have been sleeping or resting with my mind at ease. I’m all for pictures & documenting precious moments, beautiful meals, nature, but do we have to immediately post our photos to social media? No. We really don’t. It’s almost as if our brains have become wired for immediate satisfaction, gratification, & connection. We need that ‘like’ right way. WHO CARES! Do you really care who likes your picture? That pictures holds a memory for YOU, not your Facebook ‘friend.’

Tonight my two best friends were both in the area & we went out to dinner together for the first time in a very long time. Not one of us had our phone out on the table or even on volume. Our phones were silently tucked away in our purses. Did we take a picture? No! We didn’t have to. We enjoyed each other’s company and food for no one else but ourselves. We did, however, look at the table across from us as a mother and her two high school aged sons physically sat together, but couldn’t be mentally farther apart. All three of them were on their smart phones the whole entire time. We really couldn’t help but notice! We felt so sorry that the mother couldn’t connect with her children & we felt so sorry that the children couldn’t even part from their phones to have a conversation with their mom. The whole situation was wrong & ridiculous.

There’s more world to see & explore through our own eyes, for ourselves. Notice your own poor technology habits, make a change. I dare you! Let’s work on it together.

How has the technology obsession affected you? What poor tech habits are you ready to break?


CHEERS to LOOKING UP at the world, not looking down at our phones!


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