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“La La La La La La Life is Wonderful” & So Are These Pictures

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Just a minor shout-out to Jason Mraz above.

Before Facebook & Instagram, back into the time of disposable cameras & polaroids I fell in love with picture taking! You could also include picture printing, as I have way too many to prove it, but that’s not really important here. I love the idea of capturing moments, only to relive them through the image at a later date. I can’t get enough! The best moments are the ones you don’t go looking for & below you’ll find some of my favorites! Just everyday moments, watching the sun do her thing. In the second photo below, I was simply walking home from class in college, watching this take over the sky.


Sunday River Sunset

UNH Sunset


Stratham Hill Sunset
St Pete Sunset

Rocky Beach Sunset

Greenhouse Sunset

Rocky Beach

What’s that? You didn’t know I had a thing for sunsets? Well, now you most certainly do!


CHEERS to finding beauty in every single day.


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