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100 Happy Days Challenge :)

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Happy hump day, everybody!

I can’t believe we’ve almost made it halfway through the week, can you? & It’s already April 2nd, how crazy is that!

I’m so excited for sunshine, blue skies, windows down, nights at the beach, no winter coats & so much more. The first rays of sunlight definitely hit yesterday & it felt too good to be true!

The first signs of spring and summer definitely make me happy. I’ve been seeing #100happydays posted all over Facebook and Instagram & finally looked into what it was all about. I headed right for the 100 Happy Days website & signed up immediately – especially after noticing the statistic that 71% of people failed to complete this challenge because they didn’t have time. I totally believe that’s a true statistic, & feel so sad about it. Taking two minutes out of my day for the next 100 days could even be a little life changing. Noticing what makes me happy, capturing that moment of happiness, & sharing it with others sounds pretty inspiring to me!

Some people may be tired of seeing this hashtag all over the social world, & I’m thinking those same people fall under the statistic of not having enough time to be happy. If anything, 100 Happy Days has become the best fad we’ve seen! You can start whenever you want, post whenever you want, share whatever you want, & be happy about it. It doesn’t even have to make anyone else happy, just y-o-u!

I started yesterday, April 1st, so I have a few solid months ahead digging into whatever happiness I might find! Here is day 1:

day 1

I’ve got my blue sky, sunshine, & a sunroof – which also factors in the bearable temperature! I’ll be sharing on Instagram, but will most likely foward my pictures over to Facebook as well. Please follow along 🙂 & if you are participating, please send along your pics to dimpledinspiration@gmail.com and I will share a selection on the blog!


CHEERS to finding out what makes us happy!



  • Do you have a daily ritual that adds happiness to your life? If so, please share in the comments below!

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