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Back in Action with HIIT, AFAA Certification, & a Twenty-Something Job Update

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Hi there! I’m back & ready to roll with new workouts, recipes, plus doses upon doses of inspiration. Please excuse my 3 week break, especially after creating an official domain for this site, how cool is that! I’ve got some other news up my sleeve, too..

About a month ago, I got my first post-college job jumping into a career in marketing. I’m managing social media accounts, editing blogs, & also managing client events. I have my hands full with all that new-ness, but I’m happy I do! It was also so unexpected at the time. I told you this year was the year of uncertainty. I’m liking it that way. I don’t want to ever stop blogging though, it’s way too much fun!

I’ve also received my AFAA certification in Group Exercise!! I’m TOO excited about this, it makes me SO happy. I’m not sure what I want to teach yet, but I have plenty of time to narrow it down through teaching & maybe eventually go on to specialize further. Unlimited opportunities.

AFAA Cert.

I also have a new HIIT routine for you to start your week! I just completed it today & it kept me engaged on the treadmill instead of bored-out-of-my-mind. It actually flew by & with country music blasting summer tunes in my ears, I loved every minute.

updated 5mi intervals


I went into the gym knowing I wanted to complete 5 miles of intervals without burning myself out halfway through. I warmed up & then completed one full circuit of intervals before a 2 minute recovery at speed 6 & then repeating the same circuit 4 times. The 2 minutes at speed 6 was the perfect recovery for me each time, without actually cooling down, I had no problem catching my breath & then increasing my speed again & again. This routine is super easy to tweak, too – 2 minutes at speed 5 & then 6, 6.3, 6.5, 6.7, 7 – whatever you want!

WELL, it’s Sunday afternoon & I’m about to go frost THIS paleo carrot cake, in honor of everyone helping me pick out my NEW car I got just yesterday!

CHEERS to exciting times!


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