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Wake Up With Inspiration [drink it & wear it]

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Don’t you love the type of morning when you wake up before your alarm, feel fully energized, & totally accepting of the day ahead? I know those mornings are few & far between, but there are plenty of tricks to get you there more often. For one, I get excited knowing I’ll have hot coffee shortly brewing. For two, planning ahead with a yummy breakfast! Maybe coffee & food isn’t enough for everyone though πŸ˜‰

In that case, there’s a few Etsy shops that will splash your face with an awesome dose inspiration every morning. Etsy shop ‘In It For The Love‘ features mugs with positive, inspiring quotes & expressions. Shop owner, Jenna Nelson, creates each image & presses each mug herself with “love & intention.” I’m such a sucker for quotes, as they can truly turn your day around & open your eyes to a whole new perspective. Some are funny, too! Next on my list is “Inhale the Good Shit, Exhale the Bull Shit.” haha!

This shop encourages my obsession with miracles. I even received a really nice note!


These mugs make the best gifts, too! There’s seriously a quote for everyone. Like your valentine from last month πŸ˜‰ Just make sure you say cheers first.

Effing Love You

My other shop obsession is ‘SuperLoveTees‘. When you visibly wear a quote for all to see, you are spreading light & love everywhere you go! That was shop owner Theresa Roth’s plan, she calls this “wearable inspiration.” Obviously, I’m sold. She’s also very eco-friendly & only sources companies under the Fair Labor Association.

It took me forever to pick my favorite quote, there are so many good ones. It’s alright though, just means I have more orders to fulfill in the near future! From “inspire & be inspired” which goes perfectly with my blog & the new “no mud, no lotus” represents so much truth about life.

I ordered the most comfortable eco-wrap cardigan! Keyword: thumb holes.

EcoWrapShe Loved Life

She sure did! So do these two amazing shop owners & women. Both Theresa & Jenna make their products inspiring because they took hobbies they loved & turned their dreams into realities by owning successful shops, spreading love, & spreading light. I’m such a fan!

Cheers to the beautiful cycle of inspiring others & being inspired in return!


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