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Fit Link Friday [2.28]

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TGIF, right?

I know I’m certainly happy it’s Friday! It’ll be my last weekend filled with work shifts (woohooo!) so that’s something to get me through. What will you be up to? It will be the start of March after all. I know I’m excited! I’ll be starting a new job & soon enough we’ll be celebrating the first day of Spring.. can you believe it?!

Below is a quick & dirty version of Fit Link Friday with some super helpful articles I found this week! Pretty self explanatory with the titles, so I’ll let you pick & choose what you’d like to read the most. I’m all about the ab exercises, always looking for new ideas to feel the burn!

10 Ab Exercises Better Than Crunches

The Right Way to Use a Foam Roller

5 Strength Moves to Burn Fat

What is Nutritional Yeast?

Make Tea Your New “Sports” Drink

Have you read any particularly interesting health or fitness this week? Please share in the comments below!

CHEERS, just because 🙂


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