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When Do You Feel Most Beautiful?

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Hello, Monday.

I want to kick off this week of National Eating Disorders Awareness with a beautiful video I found on Huffington Post. The video includes women only, but we can’t ignore that many men are out there struggling as well. From media, movies, magazines, billboards, advertisements & more, we feel pressure to look a certain way. I know we have ALL felt it, at least at one time. There’s way too much comparison, whether we’re looking at magazines, or simply looking around the room. Is this not really, really silly? We measure how we look, but do we measure how we feel? That’s what’s most important & that’s exactly why this video is so inspiring.

As for me, I feel most beautiful when I’m with the people I love the most, the people that bring out my own best person. I feel most beautiful when I’m running down the beach, lying on the grass in the sun, & surprising somebody I love. There are so many ways to feel beautiful that don’t involve looking in a mirror.Β 

Watch the video below, you may want to rethink your morning routine!

CHEERSΒ to you!! YES, you! Because you’re beautiful!


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