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20 Something Tips: Let Go, Add Happiness

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Nothing like advice on ‘how to live’ after you’ve survived your Monday morning 😉 Every once in a while, I like to browse inspiration lists about letting go, stepping forward, adding happiness, etc. These lists spark wisdom, motivation, & maybe even a little clarity within me. It helps to reflect upon myself, while creating a healthy compare & contrast to see where I’m currently at & where I want to go. It’s always great to hear from someone older, or anyone at all, to see where they have made mistakes in hopes that we avoid them. However, at the same time, we all have our own unique story. Sometimes the worst mistakes end up carving out the best path. So, instead of taking each piece of advice to heart, I like to take bits & pieces to relate to the way my life is going right now. There’s both comfort, relief & humor when you can relate to someone else, knowing you aren’t the only one thinking or feeling this way! Hopefully the ideas below help you to move forward or at least help you start your week with a clear, more peaceful mind.

Best Advice in 3 Words

25 Things You’ll (eventually) Want to Tell Your Younger Self

8 Things Not to Stress About

Time to get deep! Much of the lists above tell us that we worry too much about things out of our control, we care what others think about us, & we don’t always believe in ourselves. I’m a firm believer in letting go. Unfortunately, that doesn’t make me an expert. I’m continuously working on it & recently became a fan of this particular mental exercise. This may not fly with some of you, but I loved it & 100% trust that it works. Gather some scraps of paper & jot down whatever negativity, doubt, or thought that you have reoccurring in your mind. Get creative, this can be anything. The only key is that you must be ready to let it go. Then, take these scraps & head to your fireplace ASAP. Throw one in at a time & watch it burn away into nothing. Watch it physically disappear & feel it mentally disappear. If this seems too much for you, I’ve also heard ripping up the scraps & throwing them away works just as great. Bye-bye useless thoughts! Honestly, I’ve been much more positive after doing this. Whenever the negativity tries to seep in, I immediately do my best to shut it off. Of course this is all a work in progress, but I no longer allow doubt, fear, or unhealthy comparison within my mind.

Letting Go

Have you ever tried exercises similar to this? I’d love to hear about them!

What are your tried & true tips for letting go?

CHEERS to a fresh, new week!


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