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Fit Link Friday [V-Day Edition]

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Love Pepper

Take your pick, I won’t be offended. Today is touchy to some people, but I happen to love the color pink, love bouquets (even if they aren’t for me), fully support eating chocolate, & love little valentines. I actually think the holiday should be focused on love in general, not just relationships. Single? You shouldn’t feel left out! You are equally deserving of a day filled with love, & I don’t think those in relationships should ignore you, either! There’s an unlimited number of people to spare some extra love for today, like yourself, best friend, a child, your mom, co-worker, stranger at the tolls behind you, waiter at the restaurant, bar tender, taxi cab driver.. If we took the focus off of romantic relationships & gave extra lovin’ to EVERYone around us, I think it could do a world of good. There are love & hearts everywhere, I mean, take a look at that bell pepper above! I’m in a relationship, but am I going out with my boyfriend for lunch? NO. I’m going out with my BFF!!

Below are today’s fit links all related to V-Day in some way, enjoy!

Fitnessista’s Superfood Snack Bites

Holy yum. I will be making these this morning! Fitnessista is the wittiest blogger, so fun to read, & I’ve been following her for years. These bites are child approved, made in a flash, & are filled with nutrients like PINK goji berries (which immediately turn them into a V-Day snack, right)..

Never Ever Give Red 4 Candies to Your Valentine

If you are currently eating or just received a bag full of red candies, please don’t read this today! Food coloring red 4 is created with quite the ingredient list.. Read on if it BUGS you that you don’t know! 😉

Why You Should Focus On Friendships This Valentine’s Day (cough cough, didn’t I just say that)

According to Greatist, 20 somethings could quite possibly be starving for friendship. Today marks a great day to take the focus off of relationships & give that old friend a call who you haven’t talked to in years. If you never make friends a priority, they certainly fall to the wayside.

6 Heart Healthy Tips From Celeb Trainer

If you haven’t paid much attention to your heart rate & aren’t really sure how to, read these 6 tips from Fit Bottomed Girls. From weight loss to fitness goals, your heart rate is key! Learn why.

Shoot, Last Minute Are We? Google Let’s You Send it Virtually

Mashable writes about today’s Google Doodle & how you can pick your very own box of virtual chocolates, wrap them in a box, & send via social media to someone you love. Great for all of you last minute folks out there 😉 But be careful, I heard there’s some not-so-tasty options in the mix.

If V-Day is a Joke To You, Head to Thought Catalog NOW

Thought Catalog is filled with hilarious & crude posts, so of course there would be one for V-Day. Pick a Valentine out of the 10 funny options & send to someone, although you just may do more harm than good.

CHEERS to love, remember it begins with you!


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