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Fit Link Friday [2.7]

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If you didn’t know it was Friday, now you certainly do 😉 Hope you had a wonderful week & accomplished some really great things for yourself, just like I talked about on Monday’s post. I set a goal to practice Crow Pose each day & proved the theory that one’s balance is not the same 2 days in a row.. especially not yesterday!

Anyways, it’s Fit Link Friday, so below is a round-up of articles that intrigued me this week in the health & fitness world.

5 Signs You’re Taking Your Diet Too Far

Sometimes it’s nice to take a step back from the clean eating bandwagon, & actually check-in with our intentions & be mindful of how our bodies feel. Author & Registered Dietitian, Cynthia Sass, reminds us to keep in check with our healthy patterns to ensure we are helping our bodies, not harming them.

10 Minute Booty Workout

OKAY, I didn’t feel like heading to the gym yesterday so I did a series of workouts in the living room. This 10 minute workout isolated one glute, one hammy, one leg at a time for an entire circuit & baby did it BURN. So, naturally, I 100% recommend it for you 😉 A quick workout, totally worth every minute. Let me know how you feel after!

Paleo Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Paleo Buffalo Chicken Pizza

I made this last week & got several likes on Instagram, so I decided you need the recipe from The Cave Girl Dish. For the ‘ranch’ I didn’t use ghee, because I currently know nothing about it. I do have a love for grapeseed oil veganaise, so I substituted that for the ghee & it tasted delicious! We sprinkled some cilantro on top for color & dipped a side of veggies into our leftover ‘ranch.’ Definitely put this recipe on your to-do list.

Winter Olympics 2014: Top Photos Of The Day

Into the Olympics? These photos are pretty killer & I have a feeling we’ll be getting overloaded with slideshows like these everyday.. I don’t mind! I could watch snowboard & ski jumps all day long. I may even like Winter Olympics better than Summer!

How Do You Feel About the Biggest Loser Controversy?

Cosmo sums up the controversy well, getting down to the very point of the show which is to WIN. Many are upset with the show, NBC, & the trainers about the amount of weight this young woman lost in such a short amount of time. As we get caught up in our gut-reacting feelings, it’s easy to forget that the whole point of the show is to lose the most weight & win. I’m not saying this is a good thing, but Cosmo brutally tells us the truth, that it’s just a typical reality show where people sign up to do whatever it takes to win.

Grab your coffee cup, CHEERS to a super weekend!


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