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Mind Games: Why I Like to Plan Ahead

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Be Happy Now

Planning ahead has almost always worked in my favor. I say almost because I used to get too caught up in what I expected to happen that I would often be disappointed. I have started to embrace flexibility & spontaneity, it’s much more fun 😉

I like to plan on Sunday, so I have a small guideline for the week. No, I’m not planning out my entire week here! Just lifting some weight off my shoulders that I know I’ll feel if I don’t plan. By choosing to prepare for the week I am better able to face it, both physically & mentally.


Do you get the Monday blues or a case of the Mondays? I’m sure you feel at least a little disappointed when the weekend is over! Isn’t it awful to start a brand new week with negative feelings? Instead of wishing your days away to Friday, give yourself something to look forward to on Monday (& the day after that, & the day after that, etc..).

  • Set goals! Has anyone ever asked you on a Friday how your week went & you say “fine, I just worked, nothing really exciting happened?” Think about it, it’s pretty boring way to go through life on a weekly basis. Brainstorm a few things you’d like to accomplish this week & write them down in your calendar, notebook, sticky notes, whatever! This will benefit your overall well-being, giving you more purpose throughout the week, outside of work.


  • Maybe your alarm went off & you excitedly headed to an amazing Barre class this morning, like me. Maybe you can’t work out first thing Monday morning because you have to leave for work super early, & that’s okay. Plan to hit the gym after work – Sunday night pack your clothes, shoes, headphones, water bottle, & snack. I say Sunday because extra effort on Monday mornings are hard to come by! I also emphasize snack. Ever planned to workout after work, but felt like lunch was so far away & you can’t possibly wait another hour for dinner? I know I have, & so I’ve skipped my workout. Just pack a snack! It will curb your hunger between lunch & dinner, & you’ll also have the energy to work that body harder! I can guarantee you’ll feel that much better having gone to the gym on a Monday evening than simply heading home – your mood will be lifted from those endorphins, your mind will have had the chance to clear (leaving work at work), & you’ll be ready to relax for the rest of the night. (& also pack another bag for a Tuesday sweat sesh)!



  • You know that recipe you pinned 3 weeks ago on Pinterest? Plan to make that dinner, better yet, invite someone over to share it with you!
  • You know that new workout/fitness class you’ve been wanting to go to? Sign up ahead of time, or mark your calendar & actually attend!
  • You know that co-worker who you haven’t quite gotten to know yet? Grab coffee during your lunch break!
  • You know that book you haven’t had time to read? Pour a little glass of wine or make some tea, & curl up one evening!


To me, it’s all a mind game. If I actually consider exercise a task, event, or even a part of my day, I know I will schedule it in. If I consider getting dinner with a friend a task, I’ll schedule that too! I tricked myself into thinking that way until I seriously began to think that way. It worked for me & can work for you, why not? Schedule in your wants & needs, you deserve that. By having things to look forward to, we are likely to live more positively (not to mention make life WAY more fun). It doesn’t matter if it’s just a ‘regular week’ – throw some excitement in the mix! I love to-do lists & made a lengthy one in my head this morning, but a few of my goals for Monday-Friday are to practice Crow Pose each day, create & mail a Valentine, & cook at least 2 new recipes from Against All Grain that my sister just bought! Don’t save it all for the weekends or so many days are going to pass you by. I love the quote at the top so much because there is too much truth behind it.

Prove it wrong, I dare ya 😉


CHEERS because every day is worth celebrating, not just the ones that start with an ‘S’




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