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Happy Friday!

While I do my best to keep up with current events, I can’t help but click EVERY health & fitness article that catches my eye. By the end of the week I’ll have a list of bookmarked articles – some to read & toss, some to e-mail to fam & friends, & others that I hang on to. I finally have that outlet to largely share those that I find most beneficial, or perhaps most thought-provoking. Each Friday I’ll list my favorite articles, everything from healthy recipes to quick workouts to new research in the health & fitness field. Now let’s get some inspiration flowing!

1. What to Eat After You’re Sick

I know FOR SURE that the common cold is floating around, as well as a brutal tummy bug. Just this week I got a hold of both (yay, me)! I am finally eating normal again & couldn’t be more excited to open a new jar of raw almond butter from Trader Joe’s. However, for days I couldn’t taste a thing & was also too afraid to eat anything besides crackers or chicken soup. FitSugar shares the best choices to help you heal in no time.

2. How To Do a Handstand

YES! Is anyone else dreaming of being able to master a handstand for more than .2 seconds? Or maybe you already can! To my surprise, I’ve been training for years through plank variations. Head over to HuffPost Healthy Living for the 3 step training plan to get you in handstand shape in just a matter of weeks!

3. Hot Lemon Water’s Real Benefits

Shape Magazine‘s ‘Ask the Diet Doctor’ series discusses the fad over having hot water with lemon each morning. As for me, I go through phases of drinking this first thing in the morning, but usually I prefer the smooth taste of coffee. According to this article, hot lemon water may not be for everyone. It turns out, while lemons are a healthy citrus fruit, one lemon a day will not create huge results.

4. The Secrets to a Super-Happy Winter

I’m all over anything that coins the term “super-happy!” If you’ve been feeling the winter blues lately, you’re definitely not alone. Health Magazine offers a bunch of ideas to embrace this time of year from taking your workout outdoors to enjoying ‘once a year activities’ like ice-skating & sledding. I’m going skiing this weekend & even though I’ll be freezing, it will be so nice to breathe in fresh air all day before cozying up to a fireplace!

5. Vegan Coconut Whipped Cream

Oh She Glows is a vegan blog that I’ve been following for years! While I’m not vegan, her recipes are amazing & true crowd pleasers for all types of eaters. In honor of skiing this weekend, I want to share with you my go-to coconut whipped cream recipe! Make sure to follow her exact directions or your desired consistency may be a little off. My family doesn’t miss the dairy at all, you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

What are your fave sites for keeping up with health & fitness? 

.. now it’s time for some healthified hot chocolate to go with that whipped cream!

CHEERS to a wonderful weekend!


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